Vulnerable Dog Breeds That Could Go Extinct

Vulnerable Dog Breeds That Could Go Extinct

Norwegian Lundehund : Known For Their Unique Ability To Hunt Puffins These Small Spitz-Type Dogs From Norway Have A Limited Gene Pool.

Otterhound : Otterhounds Are A Rare British Breed Primarily Used For Hunting Otters.

Catalan Sheepdog (Gos D'Atura CatalĂ ) : This Spanish Herding Breed Has Seen A Decline In Popularity Putting Them At Risk Of Becoming Endangered.

Kooikerhondje : Originating From The Netherlands This Small Spaniel-Type Breed Has A Relatively Small Population And Is In Need Of Conservation Efforts.

Harrier : Harriers Are A Hound Breed From England Primarily Used For Hare Hunting. Their Numbers Have Decreased Over Time.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier : Named After A Fictional Character This Unique Terrier Breed Has A Small Population Making Them Vulnerable To Extinction.

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