Shih Tzus: Are Bananas Good for Dogs?


1. Shih Tzus' Digestive Sensitivity: Their delicate tummies may struggle with bananas. 2. High Sugar Content Alert: Bananas are sweet, potentially causing blood sugar spikes.

1. Moderation is Key: Small banana slices as occasional treats are safer. 2. Fiber Boost: Bananas offer fiber, aiding Shih Tzu digestion in moderation.

1. Vitamin and Mineral Rich: Potassium benefits, but watch for excess. 2. Potential Allergies: Monitor for any adverse reactions or allergies.

1. Consult Your Vet: Always seek professional advice before altering their diet. 2. Age Matters: Consider your Shih Tzu's age and health before introducing.

1. Alternative Treats: Explore vet-approved alternatives for a well-balanced treat variety. 2. Observe Behavior: Watch for changes in behavior after banana consumption.


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