Loki Season 2: Tom Hiddleston Was Thinking About The OG Avengers While Delivering His Final Scene In The MCU Series: “It Was A Big Moment”


Emotional Resonance: Tom Hiddleston's final scene in "Loki" Season 2 was deeply emotional, reflecting on his journey with the original Avengers.

A Nostalgic Reflection: Hiddleston's thoughts on the OG Avengers added a layer of nostalgia and depth to his performance in the series.

End of an Era: This scene symbolized the end of an era for Hiddleston's character, marking a significant moment in the MCU timeline.

Tribute to Fellow Actors: Hiddleston's contemplation of the Avengers was a subtle tribute to his fellow actors and their shared cinematic journey.

Character Evolution: The scene highlighted Loki's evolution from a villain in the Avengers to a more complex and beloved character in his series.

Impact of the Avengers on Loki: The scene underscored how the Avengers had impacted Loki's life, shaping his path and decisions.

A Moment of Introspection: Hiddleston's performance was infused with introspection, reflecting on Loki's growth and the choices he made.


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