Common Cat Myths Are Actually False

Common Cat Myths Are Actually False

Off-White Section Separator Cats Always Land On Their Feet : While Cats Are Agile And Have A Natural Ability To Right Themselves During A Fall They Don'T Always Land On Their Feet.

Off-White Section Separator Cats Have Nine Lives : Cats Have One Life Just Like Any Other Living Creature. The Idea Of Cats Having Nine Lives Is Purely A Myth And Probably Comes From Their Ability To Escape From Dangerous Situations

Off-White Section Separator Cats Can Drink Milk: Cats May Enjoy Milk But Many Cats Are Lactose Intolerant Which Means Milk Can Upset Their Stomachs. It'S Best To Provide Fresh Water As Their Primary Source Of Hydration.

Off-White Section Separator Cats Are Solitary Animals : While Cats Can Be Independent They Are Not Purely Solitary Animals. Many Cats Enjoy Social Interaction With Their Owners And Other Cats

Off-White Section Separator Cats Always Purr When They'Re Happy : While Purring Is Often Associated With Contentment Cats May Also Purr When They'Re In Pain Anxious Or Unwell. Purring Serves Various Purposes Including Self-Soothing.

Off-White Section Separator Cats Can'T Be Trained : Cats Are Trainable But They Have Different Training Methods Compared To Dogs. They Can Learn Commands Use A Litter Box And Even Perform Tricks With The Right Training

Off-White Section Separator Cats Are Low-Maintenance Pets : While Cats Are Generally More Independent Than Dogs They Still Require Care Attention And Regular Veterinary Visits. They Need A Clean Litter Box Nutritious Food

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