Can Dogs Eat Mediterranean Snacks?


1. Olives: A Dog's Healthy Fat FixDogs can enjoy olives' healthy fats, but beware of pits. 2. Hummus Hues and Hints for HoundsDogs can taste hummus in moderation; watch for garlic content.

1. Grapes and Raisins: A Ruff No-Go ZoneAvoid grapes and raisins as they can harm your dog. 2. Nuts or Not: The Walnut WisdomSome nuts are safe; walnuts are okay in moderation.

1. Feta's Finesse: Doggy Cheese Delight?Small amounts of feta can be a dog-friendly cheese treat. 2. Pita Perils: Watch the Wheat WorriesPlain pita bread is fine, but watch for additives.

1. Tzatziki Tidbits: Cucumber ConundrumTzatziki is safe, but limit cucumber to avoid digestive issues. 2. Olive Oil: Coat the Bowl, Not the ConcernsOlive oil in moderation can add shine to your dog's coat.

1. Mediterranean Veggies: Vet the Veggie VarietiesDogs can enjoy some veggies, but avoid onions and garlic. 2. Mediterranean Feasts: Doggy Portions MatterModeration is key; monitor your dog's reactions to new snacks.


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