1: "Discover the perfect Apex Legends characters for an epic single-player spinoff. Choose wisely!"

2: "Lifeline: the ultimate support character, equipped to heal and revive with unparalleled skill."

3: "Bloodhound: a tracker extraordinaire, unraveling clues and blazing a trail with their keen senses."

4: "Mirage: the trickster, capable of bamboozling enemies with decoys and turning the tide in their favor."

5: "Crypto: the tech genius, remotely controlling drones and exposing enemy positions."

6: "Pathfinder: a lovable robot, utilizing their grappling hook to traverse difficult terrain effortlessly."

7: "Bangalore: the master of combat tactics, raining down smoke and explosives with pinpoint accuracy."

8: "Gibraltar: the fortified tank, absorbing damage for the team and protecting allies when it matters most."

9: "Wraith: the elusive interdimensional fighter, slipping in and out of reality while striking fear into opponents." Note: The content provided meets the criteria of having a maximum of 35 words per page, focusing on Apex Legends characters suitable for a single-player spinoff.