9 Deadliest Places On Earth

9 Deadliest Places On Earth

Syria : Ongoing Conflict And Instability Have Made Syria A Dangerous Place Due To The Risk Of Violence And Instability.

Afghanistan : Afghanistan Has Faced Decades Of Conflict Making It A Dangerous Place With Security Concerns.

South Sudan : Political Instability Conflict And Humanitarian Crises Have Made South Sudan A Dangerous And Unstable Region.

Yemen : Yemen Has Experienced Armed Conflict And Humanitarian Crises Leading To Instability And Danger For Its Residents.

Somalia : Somalia Has Faced Ongoing Political Instability Piracy And Violence Making It A Hazardous Place.

Venezuela : Economic Instability Political Unrest And Crime Rates Have Led To Concerns About Safety In Venezuela.

Hondura S : High Crime Rates Particularly In Some Urban Areas Have Contributed To Honduras' Reputation As A Dangerous Place.

El salvador gang violence and crime have made parts of el salvador hazardous for residents and travelers read more