1: "1. Safari Adventure: Roar into fun with a wild one-year-old birthday bash."

2: "2. Princess Paradise: Make your tiny princess feel like royalty on her first birthday."

3: "3. Under the Sea: Dive into an oceanic celebration for your little mermaid or merman."

4: "4. Superhero Spectacle: Unleash your child's inner superhero with an action-packed party."

5: "5. Barnyard Bash: Celebrate with adorable farm animals and lots of country charm."

6: "6. Circus Carnival: Step right up to a colorful and thrilling first birthday extravaganza."

7: "7. Outer Space Odyssey: Blast off into a space-themed adventure for your little star."

8: "8. Teddy Bear Picnic: Have a beary fun time with a cozy and charming birthday gathering."

9: "9. Rainbow Delight: Embrace a magical and vibrant first birthday with all the colors of the rainbow."


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