8 Foods To Eat For A Better Night’S Sleep

8 Foods To Eat For A Better Night’S Sleep

Cherries : Cherries Are A Natural Source Of Melatonin A Hormone That Regulates Sleep. Drinking Tart Cherry Juice Or Having A Handful Of Cherries Before Bedtime May Help Improve Sleep Quality.

Bananas : Bananas Contain Both Magnesium And Potassium Which Can Help Relax Muscles And Improve Sleep Quality. They Also Provide A Source Of Natural Sugars To Prevent Nighttime Awakenings

Almonds : Almonds Are A Good Source Of Magnesium Which Can Help Relax Muscles And Promote A Restful Night'S Sleep. Almonds Are Also A Source Of Protein Which Can Help Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels.

Oatmeal : Oatmeal Is A Complex Carbohydrate That Can Increase The Production Of Serotonin A Feel-Good Neurotransmitter That Helps Regulate Sleep. The Slow Release Of Energy From Complex Carbs

Fatty Fish : Fatty Fish Like Salmon Trout And Mackerel Are Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids Which Have Been Linked To Better Sleep Quality. They Can Help Reduce Inflammation And Stabilize Sleep Patterns.

Kiwi : Kiwi Is A Fruit That'S Rich In Antioxidants Such As Vitamin C And Serotonin Precursors. Consuming Kiwi Before Bedtime May Help You Fall Asleep Faster And Enjoy A More Restful Sleep.

Herbal Tea : Chamomile Valerian Root And Lavender Teas Have Calming Properties That Can Help Relax Your Mind And Body Before Sleep. Avoid Caffeinated Teas Though As They Can Disrupt Sleep.

Whole Grains : Whole Grains Like Quinoa Barley And Whole Wheat Bread Are Sources Of Complex Carbohydrates That Can Increase Serotonin Levels Which In Turn Can Help Regulate Sleep Patterns. Read More