1: 1. Harvey Specter: Discover the legendary lawyer's journey as he establishes his own law firm, tackling complex cases with his razor-sharp wit and impeccable fashion sense.

2: 2. Louis Litt's Prequel: Witness the transformation of an ambitious young lawyer into the eccentric and lovable character we know and adore today.

3: 3. Donna Paulsen Chronicles: Dive into the intriguing backstory of Harvey's trusted assistant turned COO, as she masters the art of reading people and becomes a powerful force in the legal world.

4: 4. Jessica Pearson's Rise: Follow the compelling journey of a tenacious black woman breaking barriers and thriving as a managing partner in a male-dominated legal landscape.

5: 5. Specter Litt: The New Generation: Explore the lives of the brilliant minds who continue Harvey's legacy, taking on high-stakes cases and navigating the complexities of the modern legal industry.

6: 6. Rachel Zane's London Adventure: Join Rachel on an international escapade as she embarks on her dream job in a prestigious law firm in London, juggling corporate law and culture shock.

7: 7. The Donna and Gretchen Saga: Witness the dynamic duo as they team up to conquer business and legal challenges, highlighting their unique bond and intellectual prowess.

8: 8. Samantha Wheeler's Solo Journey: Explore Samantha's path as she establishes herself as a solo practitioner, facing adversity head-on and proving that she's more than just a second-in-command.

9: 9. Mike Ross' Redemption: Follow Mike's story after his release from prison, as he strives to rebuild his life and make a positive impact, whether in the legal world or beyond.