1: 1. Harvey's Redemption - Witness Harvey Specter's journey as he strives to rebuild his damaged reputation while mentoring a talented new associate.

2: 2. Donna's Triumph - Follow Donna Paulsen's rise to power as she establishes herself as a formidable lawyer in a male-dominated industry.

3: 3. Louis Litt's Legacy - Uncover Louis Litt's transformation into a respected senior partner, mentoring young attorneys and conquering personal demons.

4: 4. Jessica Pearson: The Early Years - Dive into the intriguing backstory of Jessica Pearson, witnessing her unparalleled rise in the legal world.

5: 5. Rachel Zane's International Adventures - Join Rachel Zane on thrilling legal endeavors as she navigates international cases and uncovers hidden truths.

6: 6. Specter Litt Revisited - Explore the challenges and successes faced by Specter Litt after the departure of its original partners.

7: 7. The Rise of Samantha Wheeler - Witness Samantha Wheeler's path to becoming one of New York's top legal powerhouses, proving her worth in a competitive industry.

8: 8. Donna and Harvey: A Love Story - Relive the fiery romance between Donna Paulsen and Harvey Specter as they navigate their professional and personal lives.

9: 9. Mike's Return - Experience Mike Ross's return to the legal world after paying his dues, as he wrestles with his past and rebuilds his career.