1: Ensure Firearm Safety - Secure firearms in a locked cabinet. - Store ammunition separately. - Teach children not to touch guns.

2: Unload Before Storage - Always unload firearms before storing. - Double-check the chamber. - Maintain firearms in a safe condition.

3: Educate Children - Teach kids about gun safety. - Explain the risks and consequences. - Encourage open communication.

4: Secure Essential Equipment - Safely store gun accessories. - Lock trigger mechanisms. - Keep keys or combinations secure.

5: Monitor Accessible Areas - Restrict access to firearms. - Supervise children's play areas. - Lock doors leading to gun storage.

6: Practice Safe Handling - Always treat firearms as loaded. - Point guns in a safe direction. - Keep fingers off triggers.

7: Emphasize No Play - Teach children guns are not toys. - Demonstrate the potential harm. - Encourage responsible behavior.

8: Supervise Range Time - Monitor children at shooting ranges. - Ensure proper safety gear. - Teach shooting etiquette.

9: Inquire About Others' Safety - Before playdates, ask about firearms. - Ensure safe storage at friends' homes. - Advocate for responsible gun ownership.


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