5 Easy Anti Inflammatory Snacks For The Keto Diet

Quick And Easy Keto Snacks For Night Owl

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Avocado Slices With Sea Salt: – Creamy And Satisfying Avocados Are A Perfect Keto Snack. – Sprinkle With Sea Salt For A Tasty Guilt-Free Treat. – Rich In Healthy Fats To Keep You Full Through The Night.

Cheese And Pepperoni: – A Classic Combo That'S Keto-Friendly And Mouthwatering. – Grab Some Mozzarella And Top With Pepperoni Slices. – High Protein Low-Carb And Perfect For Satisfying Cravings.

Mixed Nuts: – Nuts Like Almonds Walnuts And Pecans Are Keto-Friendly. – Packed With Healthy Fats And Protein For A Satisfying Crunch. – Keep Portions Small To Stay Within Your Carb Limits.

Cucumber Slices With Cream Cheese: – Crisp Cucumber Paired With Creamy Herbed Cream Cheese. – Low In Carbs And A Refreshing Late-Night Snack Option. – Customize With Your Favorite Keto-Friendly Seasonings.

Dark Chocolate Square With Almonds: – Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With A Small Square Of Dark Chocolate. – Add Almonds For A Crunchy Indulgent Keto-Friendly Treat. – Dark Chocolate Is Lower In Sugar And High In Antioxidants.

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