2023 Artificial Grass Rebate program


California's Water Efficient Landscape Rebate Program: This program offers substantial rebates for homeowners who replace water-intensive lawns with artificial grass, promoting water conservation in drought-prone areas.

Arizona's Turf Replacement Program: Aimed at reducing water usage, Arizona offers incentives for replacing natural grass with artificial turf, especially in residential areas.

Nevada's Water Smart Landscapes Rebate: Nevada residents can receive rebates for converting traditional lawns into water-efficient landscaping, including the use of artificial grass.

Florida's WaterWise Landscape Rebate: Florida encourages the use of artificial grass in landscaping by offering rebates, particularly in areas with water scarcity issues.

Texas' Lawn Replacement Rebate Program: This program focuses on water conservation by providing financial incentives for replacing natural grass with drought-resistant artificial turf.

Colorado's Garden In A Box Rebate: While primarily focused on xeriscaping, some Colorado districts also offer rebates for artificial grass as part of water-saving landscaping efforts.


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