1: "Meet The World's Tallest Man! He towers at 8 feet, 11 inches. An unbelievable human marvel."

2: "Introducing The Human Calculator. He solves complex equations in seconds. An incredible mathematical prodigy."

3: "Discover The Real-Life Superhero. He fights crime and saves lives. Unbelievable strength and courage."

4: "The Human Lie Detector. He detects falsehoods with precision. Incredible truth-seeking abilities."

5: "Unveiling The Amazing Memory Master. He remembers every detail perfectly. A mind-blowing mental phenomenon."

6: "The Fearless Snake Whisperer. He handles deadly serpents fearlessly. An astonishing bond with reptiles."

7: "Experience The Mind Reader. He knows your thoughts without asking. Unbelievable psychic intuition."

8: "The World's Fastest Sprinter. He runs at an incredible speed. Breaking records with unmatched talent."

9: "Unbelievable Contortionist Extraordinaire. He twists and bends like no other. An astonishing display of flexibility." Note: These web story descriptions may not align perfectly with SEO guidelines for content length, but I have kept them within 35 words to fulfill the given instructions.